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  • Over 80% of people looking for local businesses begin their search on the internet
  • Yet according to studies, 46% of small business owners still don't have a website
  • Of those who do, 23% of their websites are not mobile-friendly (what most people are using today)

Clearly any business that does not have a website is in deep trouble. Here are the 3 most important reasons:

  1. You are essentially invisible online (where your potential customers are looking for you). If your business does not have a website, then prospective clients may not believe that you are a legitimate business.
  2. If there are pages about your business on other websites, you are not in control of your business reputation
  3. The internet has completely replaced the yellow pages. In the Unites States, 76% of people are internet users. People are searching for all sorts of products and services from their home computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices while in transit. For example, web users usually just type in "lawyer in Ocala," "Ocala Carpet cleaner," "Realtor in Ocala," "Ocala Dentist," and "Churches in Ocala," etc.
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At this moment, prospective customers are searching for your business online. Are you there for them to find? If not, you are not saving money by skipping a website. You are losing sales that are being taken by your competitors.

However, if your business has an effective website and it shows up at the top of search results, you will get the traffic that you need and the sales conversions that you are aiming for.

The shift online is only going to grow. So it is time to help your customers find your business. Contact us today and invest in a professional website using the latest technologies.

If you already have a website, and still have difficulty attracting customers, it could be that it is not designed well or not optimized for mobile phones. The path to increasing your business leads is to invest in an optimized website. Using in-the-trenches experience since 1995, we build websites that are search engine optimized so you have a significant advantage in succeeding in today's competitive economy.

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These are the 5 areas that we focus on when a client wants a website that has high conversion:

We believe in all efforts there is 80/20. 20% of efforts will produce 80% of results.

For a website, it is important to realize that it is not all about looking nice. Its main function is for converting visitors to customers.

To achieve this objective, we focus on:

  1. Goal. Your website's goal must be obvious and clear. Do you aim for quick sales or maybe you want to focus on attracting leads? Our clients benefit from advanced strategies in order to achieve their goals. If you want to target sales, then we can optimize your offers and check out process as well your sales message. And if you want to capture leads, it is critical to have free offer and opt-in form.
  2. Design. The design depends on the target audience such as, for example, college students vs. senior citizens. We can help you with sales and conversions using the latest online sales techniques as well as creating good content, calls to action, and building authority.
  3. Search Engine Optimization. No matter how awesome the website design is, your website must still come up at the top of search results - above competitors. And this is possible with SEO-friendly design and development. We also use thorough keyword research and integrate them throughout the site. We build a strong foundation using onsite SEO and can also help with offsite promotion to really amplify growth.
  4. Contact. Are you ready to receive more contacts and turn them into sales? We make your business more accessible by putting an offer and your contact information on each page. We will also add relevant links to your social media sites. Customers will then be able to contact you directly through the site.
  5. Tracking. So many businesses fail at this point but do not forget to include analytics and tracking tools in your website code. A tracking tool will give you insights as to the behaviors and preferences of people who visit the site. Tracking is the first step to a drastic sales increase.
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Would you like us to help you optimize your site or have us build you a new one?

We work with business that are just starting out and do not have a website yet, as well as those who have one that needs improvements. At Business Builders, we will carefully create for you a high performance website that draws traffic and appears at the top of search results.

We make this easy and stress-free. All you need to do is the schedule a consultation with us. From there, we will decide whether we can work together and how much we can help you with your needs.

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