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Nothing works as effectively to draw qualified customers to a business as a professional website at the top of Google

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As the owner of a business, how would you like to wake up each morning to as many new customers as you desire?

You never have to go pitching yourself, cold-calling, getting the door slammed in your face, because the customers come to you!

Search engine optimization (SEO) can provide an exponential increase in traffic and consequently, customers and sales. But only a well-executed optimization plan will make any difference in a company's web presence. Good SEO services benefit all types of companies, whether big or small. Huge benefits await any company from those with local services to the ones with national coverage.

But for those who are not fully aware of what SEO is and its many advantages, here are a few explanations.

An SEO Primer: Why is it so great?

The main function of SEO is to place a website, web page, online shop, or blog in a position where it can be seen by Internet users who are searching for it using Google, Yahoo, or Bing. A proper search engine optimized website can improve the web presence of any business such that it is found on the first page of search results. Being at the top means that more traffic will come to you instead of your competitors. And more people visiting a properly designed website will translate to bigger sales.

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These are all visitors that you are not paying for on an individual basis. Whereas paid traffic is great for getting almost instant visitors, when it's turned off, the visitors stop as well. SEO traffic requires investment to build, but then it keeps working and working for you, providing a fantastic ROI over the long term.

For example, if you have a dental practice in Ocala, Florida and an Internet user types "Ocala Dentist" on the search bar, your practice would definitely improve if you happen to be one of the top five or top three dentists on the search results. This is only possible if your website, including content and layout itself are optimized for the best response and then paired with a off-site promotion campaign that follows current best practices.

How much could your business profit from more visitors to your website? We can't answer that without knowing your business better. What we can say is that multiple owners of businesses we have helped with SEO campaigns have told us their biggest "problem" is having enough people to handle all the work they are getting.

Could your business profit from getting more free leads from the search engines?

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How do you land at the top of search results?

We follow these proven steps:

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  • Goal definition. There are several questions that need to be answered at the beginning. What is your target audience? What is your available budget? Do you require a database of potential customers? Are you aiming to increase sales in particular items? And does your business model warrant immediate increases in both traffic and sales? These questions (and the answers to them) are all essential in defining the SEO campaign and the best strategic plan to achieve these goals. If you don't know the answers to these questions, we would strongly advise taking the time to think through them. It will make a world of difference.
  • Extensive research. So that your investment in SEO pays off and becomes profitable, there are additional questions that require answers.
    Who is your competition and what does it take to beat them to the top position?
    What should your selling point be and what is the strategy that you need to approve to make your website SEO friendly?
    How much traffic can you expect once the SEO techniques are in place?
    And will the SEO campaign be enough for sales conversion?
    Is your website using the best keywords that convert traffic to actual sales?
    Again, you may have not thought through these questions before. That is not an issue because we can help find the answers. And depending on your budget, you will have a great SEO campaign working for you.
  • Set expectations. Defining realistic expectations is essential so all parties know what to expect and how to measure results. SEO is a long term investment that takes time to ramp up. However, many customers will happily tell you the results are well worth it!

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