Use the Strengths of Paid and Search Traffic for Exponential Business Growth

Pay per click traffic is almost instant. But it has its downsides. For example...

  • Competitive - grows every year
  • Expensive - prices increase with competition
  • Instant off - when you stop paying, traffic stops

But the great advantage that most overlook is data.

With instant traffic combined with proper tracking, it is possible to quickly begin seeing what search terms your customers are using to find you lead to conversions (money) and which are just curiousity.

How We Leverage PPC for SEO Gains

Search engine optimization is far from instant. It is a slower growth process that takes a while, yet is ultimately very worth the wait. Yet, many SEO campaigns are carried out based on guesses.

  • How were the search terms chosen?
  • How much traffic will they bring?
  • Will those visitors convert to customers or are they simply seeking information?

Instead of guessing, wouldn't you rather know exactly what you can expect before a longer SEO campaign is begun?

By taking the information gained from the instant PPC campaign showing what search terms led to conversions, and focusing the SEO campaign on those terms, you can know with certainty that the long term rewards of exponential growth in traffic leading to higher sales conversions will be well worth the wait.

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