Google Ads & Bing Ads Focused on Sales Increase and Immediate ROI

There is a way to increase web traffic with highly targeted visitors to your website in just a matter of minutes. Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords), Bing Ads and Pay Per Click Advertising are some of the most effective means of increasing leads and sales in a very short time. Here is an overview of the benefits of my proven effective pay per click management services:

  1. With the main objectives of increasing ROI (return on investment) and revenue, I will put in place the means to increase web traffic to your site. We will focus only on relevant, highly targeted prospects, not curiosity-seekers.
  2. We are also (optionally) able to research additional options to optimize your website using better SEO, higher sales, and relevant web presence through insights gained from the data of your PPC advertising.
  3. Every business we work with is treated as if were our own - actually better. We manage PPC accounts with the knowledge and skill of 24 years of hands-on experience. We have invested over $100,000 on paid ads ourselves and have profited from it. Wouldn't you prefer to have that kind of experience on your side?

Hidden PPC Advertising Benefits

Aside from attracting web traffic, pay per click ads are good for tracking and testing your website's landing pages and current offers. These tools will give you the opportunity to make the proper adjustments and employ the appropriate marketing campaigns for a successful sales conversion.

Our team also has the expertise to test keywords with PPC and find the most profitable choices. With these in place, we can work on optimizing the landing pages for the keywords when Internet users conduct an organic search. Doesn't it make sense to get more traffic for the searches you already know convert best to sales?

There is so much more to PPC campaigns. Even for websites that already enjoy good traffic, Google and Bing Ads can still contribute much to an increase in sales. So if it is possible to increase sales with paid traffic, why not take advantage of it?

Highly Profitable Adwords & PPC Campaigns

There are business owners out there who have given up on Bing and Google Ads because of unprofitable past experiences. If you have had little success in this undertaking for one reason or another, we can turn things around for you. In our experience, revenues have increased over 600% using paid advertising. The bottom line is pay per click ads can be highly profitable when they are set up properly. You are definitely leaving a lot of money on the table if you are not using these opportunities.

Four factors that are essential in PPC Campaigns that profit

  1. Proper Account Structure and Set-Up. The 80/20 rule must be followed at all times. This rule helps you focus on the most profitable ads and terms. You rake in the highest profits and you also learn more about how to optimize your website for SEO.
  2. The Right Keywords for the Right Target Audience. Your PPC campaign would not work if you are targeting very broad keywords. Keywords are very important and whether people are attracted to your site or not depends largely on the choice of keywords that you have. We identify the best keywords that bring in the right visitors to your site.
  3. Quality Score. Every business owner should know that quality matters. Did you know that keywords are given points based on Quality Score? We will help you work on gaining higher scores which results in paying less money for clicks.
  4. Conversion Tracking & Testing. Follow this advice: Prioritize tracking and testing for your PPC marketing campaign and you will know which ads convert and which do not. If you do not pay attention, you will just spend money and not make any profits at all.

Success is Possible with PPC

Once you have hired us for PPC management and your account is set up, you will have ads created and start receiving targeted traffic which pave the way for drastic increase in sales. Your advertising expenses are better called investments - if they are set up properly and managed wisely. Experience the kind of difference professional management can make by contacting us today.

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