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Did you know that Google and Bing want to help you get more customers through their search engines? It's called their Local Business program.

Because of the ever-increasing use of mobile phones to answers questions and conduct business while people are on the go, the search engines changed the way they show their results so that they can customize them to the location of the searcher. After all, when you're searching for a service, don't you usually want a provider close to you?

Yet even though these programs are available, only a small percentage of local businesses have take advantage of it. Why? Some don't know about it. Some feel it's too complex. And some are just too busy.

But isn't that what thriving businesses do? They create a great product or provide a needed service, make the investment to get more awareness than their competitors, and then reap the rewards of better sales and customers than their competitors. Would you like us to help you do that?

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Double or Triple Your Local Business Visibility

Did you know that, with the right strategy, your own website can show up not once, but up to 3 times for relevant local searches potential customers are entering into Google and Bing? How would you like to have 3 times more people coming to your business than your competitors? That's 2 more spots people are seeing you instead of the competition. The opportunity for small businesses marketing online has never been greater than right now!

By teaming up with us to promote your local business (whether it's in one city or multiple), you can exponentially increase the awareness of your business and ultimately your sales. How? Because we stay on top of all the latest opportunities to promote local businesses the way search engines reward.

The goal is all about sales conversions - that's where combining an effective local PPC and SEO strategy is focused. And in order to put together a custom strategy for your business, we need to understand it better. Contact us today to discuss the potential for your business growth!

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